How to behave on a first date?


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Just show what you feel her /him. Don't overreact .and don't  make yourself and your partner feel awkward.

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Depends... If you are dating my daughters you better have your hands tied securely behind your back! Or better yet, my kids would be too smart to date a spamtard!

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just relax and be your self. It'll be alright.

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This person is nothing but a dirty spammer

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In general, success on a first date depends primarily on the relationship you can establish with your own partner, how will you play together and how your characters will turn out to be. The real question, however, is above all how much the person with whom you have agreed wants to become a part of your life. The problem you face is: How to express interest in the other side in such a way that she will also be interested in you. To achieve this, you have to approach the whole meeting in a psychological way. Here's what to look for:

The perfect date is one on which you will be cheerful, laughing, full of energy and sincerely interested in the person you have agreed with (hoping that she will be interested in each other). You must approach the whole thing with a positive attitude, otherwise you will not achieve any of the above goals.

The best option for a first date is to spend a nice evening with the person you have invited on a date, that you still have to try to get you.

Everyone wants to have what they can not have. The more someone has to work hard to get your attention, the more value you will have for him in the long run. Make no mistake - the first impression will give your partner the view of a longer period of time.

The question now is: "How can I be successful on a date by showing no interest in my partner?". It should be remembered that "lack of interest" in this context does not mean ignoring it, but passing on the subconscious message that you have not yet won it.
Both in the case of women and men, a proven way is to deny their behavior lightly. This means that from time to time, you should ignore your partner by showing interest in what is happening around you. What good will it bring to you? Assuming your partner is already somewhat interested in you, your temporary ignorance will make her try to get even more than usual to regain your attention. You must show yourself as someone who does not tend to please the other side all the time. You have to give the impression of an independent and mysterious person, whose interest you have to solicit.

Remember, however, you are not allowed to end the date by causing the other person to feel that you are not interested in it! You just have to make it look difficult to get. However, you can not forget that your partner must also feel good in your company and be sure that you are accepted.
Make her say something about you, compliment her character or ability. Do not bet on the amount of compliments, but on their quality. It's better if there are several of them, but they praise what is important for the other side. Leave your partner with the conviction that you really appreciate her.

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