I Want To Become Good Looking And Have A Great Personality. How Can I Do This?


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You can't be good looking or have a great personality just like that, it will take some serious effort.

First off, the only way to change your face if you are not good looking is through plastic or cosmetic surgery. That's expensive and unnecessary, I'm not particularly good looking, I've never needed to be, and still had a wonderful life with meaningful relationships. If you want to change your physique, start eating good protein, fruit and vegetables, and ten glasses of water every day, this will help your concentration, skin complexion, hair and general well being.

If you want to improve your personality get interested in other people, having a great personality involves being knowledgeable but only when that need arrives. Ask questions of your friends, read the newspaper so you are up on current affairs, watch less television, it's not good at all good for you.
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I am a marketing professional. I have all skill instead of good looking physique and smartness. Due to this a can't attract my Clint's and many times they breach the deal. So what should I do?
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1. Stay active, as in at least 30 minutes a day of running, biking, weight lifting, swimming...

2. Wash your entire body every day.

3. Eat 5 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit every day at a minimum. Keep the junk food to as little as possible.

4. Stay away from caffeine and other drugs.

Believe in yourself, believe that you're attractive to a whole bunch of
people. You'll look great and you'll be focused for whatever comes your

6. Allow yourself TIME to become the man you want to be... It's quite a journey but if you always pay attention to your body and mind when they are tired, sad or whatever, you give it rest, you go out and socialize...and you'll feel it all happening! BUT YEAH TIME, GIVE IT TIME, MANY YEARS!!!

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