Does this mean our friendship is officially over?


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-I'm a girl
-Known her since 4th grade and now in 9th grade
-Used to play and text each other but grew apart during middle school since no classes together
-Thought we were still friends
-Messaged her on social media recently; she and her bff cursed me out (***** off)
-Ignores me at school; turns away when I say her name
-Blocks me online several times

I didn't do anything to her. We stopped talking, but I thought she still thinks of me as a good friend. I wanted to see if we could rebuild our bond.

But then she cursed me out. It's like she's a different person. Her bff is also mean to me. Is this the end of our friendship for good? Bff means "Friend." She doesn't have a boyfriend. But her BEST FRIEND also cursed me out.

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I put "I'm the OP" so people would know...I'm the OP. They might just glance by and think I'm an answerer. Plus, I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Doesn't everyone on this site do that when they're adding details?

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If it has nothing to do with this question, shut up.

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What happened is she met this new bff and together they r being bullies by excluding u. They have a bond and formed their own little click. Its like their 'club' and u aren't invited it.

Dump them and find someone who honestly and truly likes u.

And yes, what little friendship the of u had is over. U haven't lost much. A real friend would not do this.

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I wouldn’t even bother with being her friend anymore, she’s clearly not nice and is bullying you. There are nicer people out there, I had a childhood friend who I drifted from because she became a preppy kid.

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