What does it mean when we keep having the same thought in our heads over and over again?


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If we keep having the same thoughts over and over again, it's usually because we haven't found a way to process them yet.

Reoccurring Thoughts and Problem-Solving

Often, reoccurring thoughts are caused by our brain trying to solve a problem or overcome something that is worrying us.

Unfortunately, there isn't always an easy way of solving the problem - if there was, it wouldn't really be a problem! Sometimes, we have to just come to terms with it, and when that happens, the thoughts will stop, too.

Reoccurring Thoughts and Other People

More often than not, the thoughts we have over and over again are related to the relationships we have with other people, or are caused by things people have said.

For example, if someone says something that upsets you, it's normal to keep thinking about it - especially when they didn't mean to upset you.

Sometimes, you think about what they said so much that you can't even remember it clearly, and end up blowing it up out of proportion.

It's important not to do this, as you're just wasting energy and stressing yourself out over something that might not even have meant anything. If your thoughts keep returning because you're trying to understand the behaviour or words of someone else, the best thing to do is just talk to them about it.

Reoccurring Thoughts and Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine suggests that our stomach digests and processes both our food and our thoughts. If you keep having the same thoughts over and over again, it could be because your Earth energy (associated with the stomach and spleen) is weak. 

If your Earth Qi (or energy) is weak, you may find it difficult to look after, love, and care for yourself. You may suffer from any of the following:

  • Worrying
  • Stomach upset
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Over-thinking
  • Thinking the same thoughts over and over again
  • Menstrual problems (for women)

In order to strengthen the energy of your Earth element, you should limit the amount of cold or raw food that you eat, and instead, go for warming, comforting foods that are naturally sweet (stewed fruit or cooked vegetables can be good for this).

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Ooh... I don't want to sound egocentric but this question's for me! I'm one of those turning things around, upside down and back again in my head... Over and over again.  It's a really bad habit but I can't help it.

A friend of mine introduced me to the enneagrams and the nine levels of development.  Apparently this is recurrent issue for types One, which I am, the "perfectionists".  Yeah, it sounded funny at the beginning but reading further I could identify myself.  And it was really simple to understand: I always try my best for things to work out fine and when they don't then I just start reennacting everything in my head to find a solution or a better approach or sometimes just dwelling on the past. Bad habit. I know. As I said it before.

Does it happen to you too?

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Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
I totally agree with you there - we should all certainly try and learn tolerance and understanding of others.

I'll have a look at that test now, thanks!
Kathryn Wright
Kathryn Wright commented
I'm equally as bad, not only at looking back, but also trying to predict the outcome of future events as I always want everything to be as perfect as possible. Over the past year or so I have started to accept that we just have to learn to be accept the fact that things only ever appear perfect on the surface.
Virginia Zuloaga
Virginia Zuloaga commented
Looking on the bright side I would say that that "bad habit" helps us strive towards improving. I guess we only need to work harder on the "over and over again" aspect. ;-)

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