Why do I always get hurt and tortured in my dick and balls and nobody cares they just laf , do I deserve it or am i just da unluckiest man alive?


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I got this one guys.....

Perhaps you are the most unluckiest man alive.

~ invest in a jock strap ~

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The hits must have effected the spelling portion, and common sense portion of you brain!  Why would post such a question like this on Blurt?  The IGMO filter must be off line!

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Tom  Jackson
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Well, I've heard some men think with their penis; so that might explain the cognitive dissonance you mention in your comment.
Retiredkop Retiredkop
Those who think with their small head have kept me in business for 35 years paid for raising my raising four adopted kids, a roof over our heads, food in our bellies etc. stupid people was job security! Lol
Yin And Yang
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😅😅😅😅 too funny!!!!!
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I am one of the ones laughing! 😂😂😂

Hopefully one day it gets a taste of a Lorena Bobbit! 😂😂😂

Don't ask such dumb questions here....

You won't get the reactions you are hoping for. Waste your time somewhere else.

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Impossible, that particular award (Most trauma to the male Sex organ) goes to my old friend Christopher . . .

I saw him at least three times, try to tight rope walk a fence that was 2-3 inches higher then his leg length, only see him slip, and his feet come to a JARRING holt just a few inches shy of the ground . . . Like so many visuals of a man being hung to death in gallows . . . His feet twitching and contorting like one hanging from a noose.

The worst was a rope swing we used to swing out into Salmon Falls river . . . It was a particularly thick rope with knots every 2 feet right to the end which dragged on the ground . . . Since the rope was thick the knots were like rock hard knarled fists. Me and Christopher's brother were the first into the water. Grabbing the rope up high and swinging out with the rope trailing on the side of us . . . Letting go with a splash.

Chris stepped up, and by his stance I could tell this was all wrong . . . The rope was already draping on the ground between his legs . . He jumped legs spread out . . . We watched the rope trail between his legs as he swung out letting go while the rope still trailed . . . Each knot struck him again and again as his body mad its way down the ENTIRE length . . . . It was like watching Rocky Balboa hitting a speed bag . . .

He's a missionary now in Sweden . . . I don't think he has any kids . . . Wonder why.

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