Am I asexual? I'm 16 and I haven't had a crush really. Except for maybe once a few months ago, but I only felt it for a short amount of time, so I'm not sure. Can anyone who's asexual please respond, thank you.


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Well now that Danae has educated me by her answer (I thought it meant something else) oh wait now I remember the word I thought you meant! Lol! My bad! Anyways, she is right. Talk to a doctor before you jump to conclusions! It might be hormone related like an imbalance or lack of and your endocrine system needs to be checked out.

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I'm 15, and my friends are 15/16 years old.  I have one friend who was straight, then bisexual, then pansexual and polygamous.  Now, she's straight and monogamous. Please don't try to label yourself.  It'll come to you in due course.  It's also perfectly normal to not have had a crush at 16.  I wouldn't have had any crushes if I hadn't had any guy friends, and I hate that I do.  Focus on school, crushes make everything harder.

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I'm a bit confused about young people these days as being in such a rush to declare their sexuality when you are still developing these feelings and your body continues to develop.

Asexual definition: A person who has no sexual feelings or desires.

Don't put such an emphasis on questioning your sexuality and who you are attracted to or not at this moment in time. You've got years ahead of you to nurture and grow these feelings. Just because you don't feel something now doesn't mean you won't. It might mean that you haven't come across anyone that stirs these feelings in you. Be patient.

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Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
WHAT are those parents thinking! They should know better!
Danae Hitch
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I'm pretty sure they will all be regretting this move in the future, but will probably be too hard-headed to admit that their 6 year old really had no clue as to her future when she uttered the words - I want to be a boy. Some girls that would rather do "boy stuff" often think, especially at that age, that boys are cooler than girls. My middle sister was this way - she would have rather played with boys than girls. My mom and dad let this run its course and she eventually wore dresses, not often, did some girl stuff but was not a girly-girl.

The parents are probably jumping on this transgender bandwagon so no one can accuse them of being bad parents when their daughter says she wants to be a boy, instead of just letting this phase take its natural course.
Toni Pauze
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I agree Danae, but it will be too late then. They aren't using their heads at all.

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