This might seem confusing but is so true!! When I was young I was straight then I turned gay for a few years and now I'm asexual :/. Seriously! This is so hard and annoying, any advice? :-)


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Barb Cala answered

You don't "turn gay" or any other sexuality.  You're probably just discovering who you are and what you want in life in general.  Don't try so hard to label yourself and just live your life and see how you feel when you're more mature.

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Ray Dart answered

Psychologists recognize that teenagers (sorry, I know that is probably politically incorrect somewhere) of both sexes often go through a period of homosexuality (usually between 13 and 16, but it varies).

Whether you end up gay or straight (or anything else) has little to do with this period of personal development.

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Levj Ackerman , Well, I'm kinda the same, answered

It's just a thing that happens and what you should do is love who you love and make your own choices. Or maybe you're just a panromantic asexual like me? Check out sites for more info.

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You should talk to a therapist so that you can straighten out your feelings.  I think what you're experiencing is experimenting with different sexual feelings, if you were truly gay then you would have stayed that way.

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