Boyfriend acted disrespectful and aggressive towards me during a fun afternoon of entertainment. I chose to distance from him. It wasn't anything physical. He hasn't called and I haven't called. Why should I be the one to call?


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Michael Poland answered

He is either having a bad day,

or he has moved on.

If he doesn't opaologise consider the ladder.

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That is a matter of personal choice. There is nothing wrong with making the first move. It is not a show of "weakness" .. In fact it would be the more grown up and responsible thing to do. If this relationship is serious enough to work for then it's serious enough to swallow your pride and ask him what brought that on.

If he hasn't bothered to call .. There's a reason for it. Personally .. I would (for my own satisfaction) just want to know what his reasoning would be for "ending" what we HAD like that ... Emphasis on past tense. If this behaviour was a deal breaker then perhaps you need to accept his behavior as a big red flag that is declaring he simply doesn't care enough to make things right and appologize for his behavior.

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If you TRULY believe there was nothing behind this sudden show of aggression, then perhaps he needs a diagnosis from a mental health professional so you know what you are getting into in continuing this relationship.

I think, perhaps, there might need a deeper reflection on the events of this "Fun Entertaining Afternoon". Most of all "Communication" needs to take center stage in this relationship if it going to last. While distancing from him can show you were hurt it doesn't accurately "Communicate" ANYTHING . . . So I would be the FIRST to pick up the phone (not text) or go over to see him, and really talk things out. Talk about the way it made you feel, and then go beyond yourself to ask why he might have had a short temper.

Playing coy, or the sad person, will not resolve anything in a relationship, it only fosters avoidance and denial . . . Two adversaries of healthy communication.

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I'm not clear on this.  Why are you concerned about who should call first.  Seems to me treating you with disrespect and aggression told you all you need to know. 

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