I explained to boyfriend that I suffer greatly with depression, have problems getting out of bed, and struggling to be around people. He acted like he didn't hear me. No comment from him. Does he get it???


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Jann Nikka answered

No. You need to seriously think about moving on from what seems to be a uncaring man.

I say that because you said "He acted like he didn't care."

He gave no comment.

He could have said "Baby I'm here for you."

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Barb Cala answered

Ask him if he heard you.  That's a pretty important thing for him to understand.  Maybe he's avoiding it.  That's not a good thing and you really need to be heard.

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Tom Jackson answered

Actual clinical depression is a rough thing to have. 

Unfortunately "depressed" has become an offhand comment in our lexicon and it now has become more common and thus less understood.

I just saw this on TV last night:

Excellent insight into bipolar disorder and both the manic and depressive aspects.

Sometimes when someone says, "i'm scared" what they really means is that "I am terrified"---and most people don't make that connection (not should they, necessarily).

My point:  He may just not know what he is supposed to do with that information and precisely how it affects the two of you.

Talk to him again.  Give him some more information about what you need from him in the relationship that you have.

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