How to explain to my 15 year old she looks inappropriate in a bikini. She doesn't look 15 BTW. She's jealous because her friend gets to wear one?


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I have to agree with Yin. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much she means to you and I'm hat when she's 18 and making her own money and an adult, she can choose to wear a bikini at that time. Until then take her shopping for a one piece! If she doesn't respond well to that....then she doesn't get one at all! Be the parent, not the friend! Kudos!

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You are the parent. You tell her how beautiful she is because she is she and not her friend. Then you take her to the store and help her pick out a one piece she thinks is pretty. Make it a mother/daughter outing.

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Well, it is your decision ultimately, but I would start by explaining why you don't want her to wear one.

"She looks inappropriate in a bikini" is a judgment call.

Why do you think that?

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