How old should a girl be before she wears a micro bikini, as my 9 year old is asking for one for our holiday in Spain next year?


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I wasnt allowed until I was 13 and still I can't wear them in public... I think my parents just think that it has to do with like growth and development... So if your 9 year old still looks like a 9 year old then its ok...
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Jayne Ashmore
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Obviously at 9 there is nothing much to cover up top, at the bottomthe one she has seen is basically 2 triangles of material held together by thin pieces of elastic which will show most of her bottom cheeks. Your answer was most useful, thank-you.
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Glad that i could help with that!
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I would say yes - the smaller the better. It will give her confidence, not to mention a very nice tan..
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Jayne Ashmore
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Leigh,As I mentioned the one we have seen would show quite a lot of her bottom, but I know my daughter would wear a string bikini if we could find one for her age. When you say smaller the better, do you think a g-string bikini would be advisable? I think she is keen to see what Spanish boys of her age think.
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It was in Spain last year when my daughter realised boys were interested in her. She had just started wearing micro-mini skirts and each evening we went to a restaurant for our tea. This meant climbing some very steep steps. This group of about 5 boys must have been clocking us as they suddenly started appearing at a discreet distance, giving them the best view they could have up my daughters skirt and endless views of her tight white knickers. She enjoyed the attention though.
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Jayne there are lots of internet sites with suitable bikinis - google or bing it. I bought tie sides in both string and mesh for Jas in the smallest side. They fit nice and tight.She wore them last summer on holiday. Got lots of admiring looks along with a all over tan !
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I started wearing bikinis when I was 12..but maybe you should get her on of those tankinis or whatever they call em! They like cover the top half of you and your belly button and evrything but they're 2 separate a top and a bottom but they're a llil more less revealing!
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I personally think she should be a teenager before she wears a micro bikini .  She should stick to a one peice suit I think . 

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