I'm 14 and average looking but am sex crazed. But yeah I wanna be a good looking player and be in a band like Jim Morrison and I'm obsessed with chicks but don't get them, can I become good looking through puberty?


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Sounds like your raging hormones got a good grip on you! Of course at 14, this is to be expected....however, just a word to the wise.....tread very carefully unless you want to be a baby daddy at 14....not cool. Screaming kids suck! And they will definitely slow your roll at 14....find "other ways" to relieve your "sex crazed" urges.....or Jim Morrison like you'll never be (love Jim Morrison btw!)

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Sounds like you need to go to the otis campbell school of getting chicks. For only $29.99 i will show u how to get the pretty cheerleaders or any other girl

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You're starting off with an attitude that will turn more girls off than on.  You're still a kid .. Don't rush it.  Enjoy it while you can and leave the adult problems to adults.

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Ahhh, the words every parent wants to hear "When I grow up I want to be a player."

Still the media certainly isn't helping most songs on MTV or other music channels bombard you with sex and violence, I certainly wouldn't want my niece and nephews watching them. Life for everyone is becoming reality TV.

You do know it is 5 years at Player university before you get your Masters in playing? Will your parents fund that?

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Darik Majoren
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Probably the funniest line I have heard today - "Ahhh, the words every parents wants to hear "When I grow up I want to be a player.""

Great delivery Pepper!
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Player Player
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I don't really watch TV coz we can't and not to sound like a total hipster but I'm not really into today's music either so I don't really think the media's the problem. Maybe if I'm good enough and get the high marks ;) I'll only have to do 3 years instead
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Why do you want to be a player! That will chase off any girl worth keeping. You sound very immature and like Walter said..... Keep it in your pants.

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Eh I'm not willing to keep but more just sleep with so that's not a worry yet, plus the whole player thing seems to be working out so far for my friend and I.
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Once you said "I'm 14," we could have pretty much assumed the rest except for some of the details.

Get on the other side of puberty and see what you have to work with and whether you have the same goals at that time.

In the meantime, singing lessons might be good preparation.

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So lucky you lucky you . . . 14 years old and not only are you going through puberty, but your brain is on overload from all sorts of Stimuli . . .

You Should ponder that most things you do, will not be well thought out, nor sandwiched within reason or logic . . . You are living in the moment (YOLO) . . . Please remember that while you "Seem" invincible, the "Player" lifestyle has a myriad of diseases to go with it. My advice? Stop thinking like a lion in need of siring an entire pride, and start thinking like an intelligent young man . . . Practice, practice, practice the art of "Thinking".

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So, maybe we have different definitions of "Player" then.
To me, it is someone only looking at people as objects they can use for sex . . .
If this is the case why not simply get a device online you can use for this . . . let your impulses fly in the privacy of your room at night with no feelings or emotional trauma as the aftermath.
Mr. Mojo Risin'
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Because it is nowhere similar to actually having a human being? I don't just look at them like objects, I look at them as people too. There is no friendship and, well, Humanity to online stuff and it does not compare to having someone you actually know and care for. That care doesn't have to extend to love. It can just be a friendship care, or at least the care that goes to all Human beings automatically.
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Oh, well your talking "Friends with Benefits" then? . . . this is different the a Player. Usually, "Friends with Benefits" is a bit more exclusive as well . . . the idea is knowledge that you are not gambling with multiple partners with regards to transmitted diseases . . .
Players, jump from bed to bed, without any emotional attachments and DO treat all of their "Sexual Partners" as objects detached from emotion. Players are "Looking" for a human connection (unless it is a flawed one) . . . they usually don't care about friendships, just about the number of conquests.
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Stop thinking about sex, and start thinking about more important things, like being successful in life.  If you do get a girlfriend anytime soon, then maybe you could talk to her about it, but, anyone I know who has sex at my age (15) or younger is looked down on.

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