I am going into a new grade and i need to make friends. I am super shy, low self-confidence, and awkward.I have one friend but she goes to a different school now. I really need friends at my school but i don't know how to. Help??


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I remember those days because I moved a lot during every school year since my dad was transferred a lot in the military . I HATED that feeling .

But one thing I found out was that fearing that first day was always worse than the first day itself. Once I got there, things always worked out somehow.

So try hard not to worry too much, and when you get your schedule, walk your way through the school class by class and learn your way around before school starts. Go over it and walk your way through about three times . This will make your first day so much easier.

In all the times I moved, I remember getting lost in the new environment was my worst fear.

Then follow the advice of the other answerer Arch Bishop as far as staying true to yourself and picking good friends. Use the first few weeks to watch everyone and decide the friends that are good for you.

It's easy to gravitate towards the bad people because you may feel lonely , but don't do that. Stick to your beliefs and choose good friends wisely. Study your courses and do your school work nightly and the responsible friends will gravitate towards you.

You can do this. I did it so many times and I was worried too , but I did just fine and you will too. By the time the first month is over you will have plenty of friends.

Good luck and I hope you come back and let us know how it went :)

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Simply be yourself and reach out to those who are understanding and compassionate. Oh and don't change yourself for anyone. Those who are not open minded enough to accept you for who you are are not worthy of your time. Other than that simply have fun and make the most of everything. ^^

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