Is it weird that I would like to be a guy? cause I'm a girl and I was born that way it's nice and all but I'm thinking about becoming a guy cause I question myself What's so good about being a girl and being feminine? so is it weird at all?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

Other than genitalia on the outside, and fashion ... Most modern societies have no real division between being a man and a woman.  And even fashion is - if a woman wants to wear men's clothing, no big deal.

And if you're in a society that enforces differences - just talking about changing genders will likely get you locked up or killed.

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Barb Cala answered

I have a feeling you're very young.  It's normal to be conflicted about all sorts of things including your sexuality.  There are lots of good things about being a boy or girl.  Better not to rush to label yourself until you have more life's experiences. 

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Tom Jackson answered

Well I'm a man, and I don't think it would be anywhere near as much fun to be a man if there weren't lot's of other humans like you who are girls and feminine.

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Matt Radiance answered

Following Barb Cala's statement. You appear to be very young, during such age, it's more than normal to feel conflicts, specially for a young girl in particular, girls go through a very stronger hormonal activities which includes pressures and conflicts. About personality, identity, life, purposes ect  . . .

You need to give yourself time, over time, as you grow, you will feel your true self more and more. Then you follow how your feelings lead you to be, but for now, don't rush, give yourself time and explore the girl inside of you more.

Your feelings aren't weird. But you must be aware there's a battle between societies out there. You must completely be aware of around you. In some societies your thoughts are roughly unacceptable and might face some societies, one group understands you and give you rights to follow who you feel to be, some step against your feelings and say you must obey what's been ordered for you and some will point fingers at you.

You must be aware of the situations, but at the end the final choice must be yours with accepting all the consequences. Do not let either side brainwash you about what "they" think is right. You "do not" live for the others. You live for "yourself" only.

Do what makes you happy and be yourself. But for now, what you mainly need is time. Give yourself a growing time. Then you'll know more.

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I think it's totally fine. No one can, or is allowed to, judge or control your decisions. Maybe wait a little longer before you go do anything. For example, I played on a select soccer team for a while and I started noticing that I didn't enjoy the "toughness" of it. My mom said I couldn't quit, but I knew I wanted to. But I waited another month or so, thought about it for a while, and I finally came to the conclusion that I didn't want to be on the team anymore, so I stopped playing on that team. Now I play on another team and I like it much more.

So I recommend you think about it for a little longer before you do anything. If you have already thought about this for a while, then go ahead!

You are beautiful either way, boy or girl and I hope you're happy with whatever decision you go with. Just stay happy and go with your gut feeling. Good luck!

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I think you've answered your own question  "cause I'm a girl and I was born that way it's nice and all".  If you really had a gender identity crisis you wouldn't think it was nice to be a girl at all.

You're probably wondering what it would be like to be a boy and I believe that at some time or other in their lives most people wonder what it would be like if they were the opposite sex.

What's good about being female are the girly things, the thrill of falling in love with a gorgeous guy and most of all the ability to bear a child.  Carrying a baby and giving birth is one of life's greatest joys, I've always felt sorry that a man cannot ever experience pregnancy and the immense love that only a mother can feel when you hold that baby in your arms.

Women today can do just about anything a man can do, so take pleasure in being female and all the joy that goes with it.

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