Been helping a friend open a new business she needed help. She trust me with everything. We've talked every night for the past 2 months and she calls me during day for advice and if she's stressed. Do I tell her I like her and does she like me?


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If you like her, then yes tell her! How else is she supposed to know? Myself personally, I'd rather know up front, no beating around the bush, just straightforward. If it's hard to get her out somewhere, have her over and make dinner for her, just start a discussion and let her know how you least that way you know for sure!

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I wouldnt neccessarily suggest you just come out and say those words .. That may be a little uncomfortable for her.  Just ask her out, and see where that goes.

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John Chan
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It took 2 months of hard works to open her business
John Chan
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I designed all the logistics behind her business and what I meant by dedicated is that in the 2 months I rarely talked to anyone of my other friends because it took a lot of time to design everything with a full time job!
John Chan
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I expected nothing out of this but she led me on by calling me everyday and every night....I started to get to know her better and then it led to this.

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