I have a 10yr old younger sister that drives me insane. She throws tantrums and extremely loud and clingy, I've asked her to stop being so loud. What I'm asking is for any advice to tolerate her?


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Plus I've tried talking to my parents since she has 0 respect for me and I'm about 6 yrs older than her, and I refuse to be nicer until she actually starts to have respect for me, yes I have tried that but she claims that no one ever does anything for her even if we (my family) do.

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Sounds like she's wanting attention. If they can't get attention one way they'll resort to other ways to get what they want. Negative attention to them is better than nothing. Lead her by example. Be who she needs right now. A loving, patient older sister.

Take some time and think about this. How about being her role model. Instead of waiting for her to start misbehaving, figure out a way to head her off. When she is calm and hanging out walk up to her and tell her that starting tomorrow you've decided to spend time with her. Tell her to start thinking of fun things you can do together.

Never hold your time together as a reward for good behavior. Instead look at like she is having problems and she needs your love and support.

Look I know this is going to be hard, but for a minute walk in her shoes. She really needs you.

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Sorry but you have to bargain with her. Tell her you will do something with her as long as she behaves. As soon as she stops behaving you stop doing whatever you doing and walk away. If you are out in public you grab her by the hand and take her home and when you get home you walk away. After she calms down you tell you both could have had a nice time if she would have behaved, Then in a week or so try again. She will catch on. When she does start to catch on make certain time of the week "sister time". Something that you do together everyweek until you move away. Maybe spend an hour on Sunday afternoons together. You could paint each other's nails or something. She really just wants someone to notice her. I am sure at 16 you are spending more time out with your friends and on homework. She feels like she is losing you. And she will do whatever it takes to get noticed. Negative attention is still attention. Another thing that will help is those times she is being good and quiet, say something positive about it. Then she knows that she being noticed.

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I have a brother the same age.  He won't stop making noises!  It drives me nuts!!!

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