How do I express my feelings to my boyfriend? He has been horrible to me in the past couple of weeks and we've been together too long to split because I can't express my feelings. What should i say?


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I am curious to know what you deem 'too long' to split?

THAT isn't even logical .. There IS no reason to endure any level of abusive behaviour from a husband, never mind a boyfriend without saying something.

There are many words to use .. And I am sure you know them all .. You just have to say them and send him a loud and clear message that you will not put  up with it. 

Communication is a critical element in a relationship .. If yours lacks in that department .. Then perhaps yours is not a relationship worth salvaging.  Speak up .. Stop  enabling.. And move on.

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John, I'm wondering how you are feeling about you and me as a couple. I've noticed that you behavior has changed over the past couple of weeks - it makes me feel unwanted when you talk to me the way that you have been.

I'd rather us be adults about this and if your feelings for me have changed, I'd rather talk about it and deal with it instead of ignoring the situation.

I don't want you to be with me if you no longer love me. Life is too short. In addition, I don't want to be around you when you treat me as if you hate me. Let's just put our cards on the table and talk about it.

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Why are you assuming that the fact that your boyfriend is being "horrible " to you is your fault/responsibility ?

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Well you're going to need to form your feelings into words, and take steps to get there. To help, draw a picture. Once your feelings are words, make it respectful, and then tell your boyfriend.

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