We have so many things in life yet why do we want more? I'm asking because I'm like that.


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When you haven't learned to be satisfied with what you have, you will always be looking for "more". If all you have is all that you will ever have, you would either learn to be content or you will always be unhappy. I'd rather be happy.

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Ya gotta have cheese.

Check out this video. It's called Who Moved My Cheese. It runs for 11 minutes and, although it's very entertaining, it's also a serious lesson in coping with change.

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The Bible states this at 1 Timothy 6:8, " So, having food and clothing, we will be content with these things."  What can help a person to be content is to watch your association, because if they are not content it can rub off on you. 1 Corinthians 15:33  "Do not be misled, Bad association spoil useful habits."

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We, as humans, tend to seek new horizons and discoveries. Once someone becomes familiar with something, it's not uncommon for them to search out/long for new and unfamiliar people/places/things/ideas.

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