Trying to cheer him up: For those of you that didn't know Ty before he joined and can now call him a friend, what's one thing you have learned and or like about him?


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dragonfly forty-six Profile

Tyson is very smart and resilient. He has a fabulous sense of humor and he is loyal to his friends. He inspires people. I think he should consider a future in helping people. His experiences could help many. He genuinely cares for people. I'm glad he is here. I also think it's cool that he has a supportive and loving group of people to stand by his side. Thanks Luke. :))

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Sane Mori answered

He's been very kind to me on countless occasions, he finds beauty in almost everything, he messages me a lot on here and I've found we have a lot of similarities on the way we view people and with stuff like music and tv shows.

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Zayne Lovett answered

I know him in person but I like that he loves everyone and everything. He's even kind to those who dislike him.

RAWR Said the Dinosaur Profile

He told me he enjoys singing. I also know he can play the guitar and piano :)

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Dakota  Mackenzie
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He's good too! He likes to do covers for bands like Evanescence, All Time Low, and even The Academy Is... :) He sang the song "Ghost" by them :)
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Sorry for the late answer... Just wanted to post that I always enjoy his questions and answers on here, and he seems to be very popular and well-liked by pretty much everyone he interacts with, which suggests a great personality.

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