So I just screwed up my first kiss (ever) (at least to me, I screwed it up)! Can you make me feel better please? Also, how do I fix it? (my embarrassing story is the first post)


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Please, that is not screwing it up. And there is nothing to fix. You hugged afterwards so he knows it is all good. He most likely knows he caught you off guard. Screwing up would be burping in the middle of it. Or pulling away. You good and in a few years you will actually laugh at yourself over it. Trust me.

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So a couple weeks ago, this guy (we have mutual feelings for each other) told me that that his dad called me his girlfriend. So yesterday, after the first and only class we have together (this is because I do online school and he goes to public school), he sat on was sitting on his desk. I walk over and give him a hug. Then he sits on his desk and I stand in front of him. We talked for a few minutes while holding hands and then he leans in and kisses my cheek. Then a few seconds later he kisses me on the lips. (Note: I've never been to public school and so my flirting/social skills are not up to par as everyone else because I've never been able to practice. I've also never been in a relationship before/never been kissed.) With that said, my brain was so fogged up after he kissed me on the cheek and I couldn't believe what was happening, so as a result, I couldn't/didn't think to move my lips to kiss him back. So I was just standing there doing nothing while he tried to kiss me.... Never before have I felt so stupid. I should also mention that the only other people in the room were our two teachers (one of which is my brother's wife). So after the kiss, that I made so awkward, we hugged again and he left while I stayed and help put things away. After he left, my sister-in-law came up to me ( I guess she saw) and asked me over and over again "did he kiss you?" "did he kiss you?". I was blushing because I knew that she knew I've never been kissed before. 

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