Why do people think it's okay to treat you like crap and expect you to still like them?


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Personally I don't think they think at all. It goes with that entitlement feeling. People just taking what they will, without thinking about what the cost is to someone else. It's a "everyone for themselves" attitude. Unfortunately, it's life. I wish it wasn't.

So, I learned early to take care of myself, WITHOUT stooping to their level. I'm going to have boundaries, no one is going to treat me badly, I am in control over who I LET hurt me. They can only hurt you if YOU LET THEM. I'm also NOT going to be closed, afraid and bitter. Because that will limit my life. No one is worth that sacrifice. I'm still going to love people, I'm still going to give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm just going to be smart about it.

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I hate this.

The fact that this question has to be asked bothers me. I don't really know how to answer, I get what you mean though...

People treat me like crap and I don't always realize it. I remembered being asked, "How much abuse are you going to take?" To which, I had no answer. I've been hurt many times and I still refuse to see those people as anything but good.

I know, that did not answer your question. I saw it, got emotional, and thought I should post something.

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mental issues i suppose. I've had that happen in grade 10.. Some guy treated me awful but he woud still bug me to hangout with him (whther it was at lunch or after school). (seemed quite bipolar to me)...

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Tyson, some people like to "poke the bear", meaning to keep doing what they're doing in order to get a reaction out of you.

Some people will try and test your boundaries by doing something crappy to you just to see what your reaction will be. If you react in a negative way, they most likely will stop.

So, some people will treat you like crap to see if you will take it or just to see if you will step up and tell them that behavior is not acceptable.  I find this to be a weird way for someone to be my friend, as if I'm supposed to pass some kind of "test" to prove my worthiness to them.

Just like a child that will push the boundaries with mom as they grow up, you'll encounter people that will do the same thing. Hope this helps.

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Personally, I don't make a point of surrounding myself with self centered nits would feel so entitled as to treat people badly and think nothing of it .  There is consequences for doing that.  However, some people I've met seem like they simply don't 'get it' ... That what they construe as 'honesty' and 'being straight forward' might come off as insulting and hurtful. Actually one person I do know, is very much like that .. A kind enough person, by heart .. Just has such poor social skills that his words often deliver an insulting message without really intending for it to be insulting. HE thinks it's just "conversation".  But .. Once you 'know' how he thinks, and look over his rough edges, he really isn't that bad of a guy.  He's tolerable.

Most often, by merely pointing out that someone has said or done something that has offended you is enough to make them realize what they've done .. For example, if someone is being critical about what you are wearing. Which in turn would logically follow with an appology and perhaps a reiteration of what they were trying to say in a less hurtful way. Not everyone can use words and bahaviour to deliver constructive critism without having a negative affect.

There are many destructive personalities and disorders .. that we can not forget .. like someone who is just pushing buttons as a form of feeling out boundaries. Narcasistic behaviours and such.

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No idea. There's a guy in my year who directly admitted several times to me that he hated me for no reason whatsoever, so I said "Well, f*** you too, b****."

He also said "Just because I'm mean to you, that doesn't mean you can be mean to me."

Pah! Yeah, right. One of these days, I'm going on Ship Your Enemies' Glitter and giving him what for. If I can be bothered.

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