Why Do You Think People Allow Others To Treat Them Badly?


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Some people are accustomed to being mistreated, they don't know how to respond or act to positive behavior and treatment.  Possibly, due to some form of abuse or some other underlying condition.  Some people are prone to aggressive surroundings that can promote aggressive behavior towards individuals. 
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  • They may want to be accepted, so they are giving in. 
  • They may not have the courage to stand up. 
  • They may not have high self esteem. 
  • They may not feel that it is worth it.

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Yes they do. I have a few friends like that and even I have been there myself. People with low/bad self-esteem are often in relationships where they are treated badly by friends, significant others. Then after it goes on so long they know no other way. Then they get to the point where better is okay even thought it is terrible as well. "at least he doesn't hit me". It is very sad. I have recently helped a good friend out of this same situation. She has never been with a good guy and is at the point where she doesn't think there are any. Thankfully she sees my honey and how is he is with me and it has given her hope.
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Because they don't know how to say NO to people and STOP them from treating them badly.
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I can relate to this My hubby is not very good at expressing his feelings so when I do something that he couldn't he gets crappy with me. I think because the god time out way the bad.  That is what most of us think or a lot of times many think that this is all the deserve, or that they can't get anything better (low selfesteem).
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There can be many reasons for that:
They might be too weak(Physically OR Mentally) to protect themselves.
They might smile over bad statements making others think that they don't mind and letting others get more into them-Case of unable to Express Feelings.
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