Why are some people rude to me when I don't even do anything bad to them?


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Sissy Mom answered

Hi, Rachel. In what way are they rude to you, honey?  Do they speak to you rudely or do they treat you rudely?  Most of the time people don't do that to other people for just no reason at all. Is there anything at all in your demeanor that could be giving them a reason to think that maybe you're being stand-offish to them or you expect them to act a certain way to them first?  

When I first meet someone, I'm usually the one who reaches out to them and says hello first and asks them how they're doing. It couldn't be that EVERY ONE is rude to you, sweetie. Maybe you're picking up on some people that are having a bad day and maybe you could help make theirs better. But maybe we could talk more and you could explain more. I'd love to try to understand and help you.

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Taylor Brookes answered

I'm sure it's nothing personal. Some people just have a bad attitude and it's not your fault if they talk rudely to you. I've met people (even one person on here, I'm sad to say) who just don't care what anybody else thinks and they're not even willing to let you talk. Just try not to let their negativity get you down!

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Betty Boo answered

A rude person is programed that way.

Don't take it personal.

They probably act that way to everyone they come in contact with.

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Lilly Gray answered

maybe they think you're so awesome that they're jealous that they can't be you.

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carlos Striker answered

Some people are born that way, no matter what one does they always treat people like that. It is not your fault. It is their frustration.

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