Is it wrong to have a boyfriend in junior high? I start it next Monday. Man seventh grade that's a lot to put on. Anyways how do I get a boy to like me. How to do this without scaring him off or making him nervous or being too obvious?


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Perhaps you just enjoy growing up and wait till you're actually mature enough to have that kind of a relationship. Junior High?  Sweetie, you all are just little kids. You'll be grown up soon enough, do skip this part trying to get there. 

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You be yourself and then the right guys will like you. You smile and talk to them. Don't act needy or helpless. Guys who look for girls like that often try to manipulate them. And having a boyfriend isn't wrong as long as you keep it casual. You don't want to get too serious at that age. You have plenty of time to grow, so don't rush doing grown up things, if you know what I mean.

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You're as old as my little sister so I'll tell you what I would tell my sister if she were into dating.

It isn't wrong to have a boyfriend in junior high (like you're not committing a crime or anything) however it is not a good idea. You're still young and dating in junior high is pretty bland compared to dating in high school and beyond (even high school can be kind of bland honestly). I mean really, when you're in junior high you can't really go anywhere by yourself (unless you walk or bike) and there really isn't that many things to do outside of your house and school when you're that age. When you grow up and look back, you'll realize that the dating scene in junior high school was mainly people holding hands in the hallways and then later asking their parents to take them on what is essentially a play date to their boyfriend or girlfriend's house. Seriously, dating should be more exciting than that and right now you're just not at that stage yet.

It is completely normal to like people when you're junior high but it's probably better for you not to date yet. You may think that getting a boyfriend is a big deal right now but as someone who never dated in junior high, I can tell you that it wasn't bad at all. If people make fun of you for it, then they're really not worth your time. Junior high relationships also usually don't last very long (neither do high school relationships) so it won't matter in the long run.

Also junior high is pretty different from elementary school. You may find yourself having some problems or new adjustments to make while you're there. It's best not to distract yourself with relationships and whatnot while you're still transitioning.

So now this was all just what I'd suggest. If you don't want to do what I suggest, then that's totally fine. I'm only saying that maybe you can try rethinking this.

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