Would you let your 15 y o daughter date an 18 year old?


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Cookie Hill answered

No dating is for those who are old enough,and can handle the responsibility that comes with marriage. Dating should not be view as harmless fun.

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Rachel Reader answered

I would it's only a few years age difference. As long as she's careful it's fine

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That's illegal anyway. If they get caught kissing or you know...doin' some other stuff...he could get thrown in juvy and she can be put under special watch. At least it's illegal here...

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Chewed Bubblegum
Chewed Bubblegum commented
oh right, I forgot yes they would. I had a friend who dated an 18 year old and he was sent to prison I think for like, 3 months? She was in huge trouble too
Dakota  Mackenzie
Dakota Mackenzie commented
I dated an 18 year old and he kissed me at school... Teachers knew about our relationship and nothing happened :o
Chewed Bubblegum
Chewed Bubblegum commented
You got lucky!
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Well that's only 3 years apart so yeah.

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