Cyber bullies are making me feel bad about myself and now I want to commit sucide cause of it. I try to ignore them but something is telling me to go back. What should I do about this feeling I have?


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You know what to do, Lindsey.

Ignore them, doing anything else gives them the satisfaction they crave. This does not define you. Bullies are [email protected], you know better. Ignore, walk away, take the high road, get the help of a trusted adult.

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Corey The Goofyhawk
Couldn't have said it better myself!
Bubblicious Bubblicious
Thanks guys!
This is sad, people can be real idiots.
yeahsure linda
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Not to make light of it but don't give them the power. JUST DON'T READ THEM. Take bake your power, you are worth more than any words they could ever say. Find a hotline a group that you get help so you can see a counselor. You are stronger than words no matter how hurtful they sound. (((((hugs)))))
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Do not commit suicide. Door of opportunities is still there waiting for your knock.

Ignore them and make your life worthy.

Do things t hat will make you happy like improving your skills and talents.

Enjoy being with your family where you feel appreciated and loved.  Remember this: do not commit to some acts that will destroy you as a person. Go live your beautiful life! 

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Don't go on the site. No site, no bullying. You cannot control others you can only control yourself, it is up to you to protect yourself that is what becoming an adult is all about. If they are bullies then don't take it personally they'd bully anyone, people like this get enjoyment out of what they do, sick I know. 

So stop feeding there sickness, because you are getting all upset about it and they don't care. Some people dehumanise others on the internet, they think because they are online people stop being human at the other end. These are usually people who feel a need to act out the darker side of themselves. Going onto this site is like bashing yourself over the head with a mallet and then complaining about it when it hurts you. Just stop. :)

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