Does any of you have relatives or friends that are Veterans and do you say : Thank you for your service to them?


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Yes! I absolutely do! Thank you Rooster! I thank my dad all the time. I know some others who are veterans and thank them also. I'm very appreciative of the things our veterans do and have done, so I didn't and don't  have to. They've seen things that I never care to, and because of them, I don't have to, and I get to my opinion....the best country in the world.

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I don't personally know any veterans except from my friend's dad and my taxi escort, both of who served in the Falklands war. I tend to have brief conversations with both of them about such manner and I did indeed thank them for their service to this country. But I will always have a respect and admiration for any soldier no matter what side they're fighting for, as I assume war is a scary and dangerous experience, and to go out there and fight for what for their country, their belief, for fellow soldier out there with them... shows a level of courage. So yes, respect goes out to anyone that serves the army, be it engineering, catering, or any job!

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My father fought in the 8th Army, across North Africa and then through Sicily and up through Italy. My Grandfather fought on the Somme in the first world war, he was already nearly 40 years of age when he was sent to the front. Both survived, neither ever talked about their experiences in war.

Neither is now alive.

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