Don't know what to feel after a girl kissed my boyfriend? He apologized and said that it meant nothing to him. I don't really know what to feel. I'm not angry or anything it's just that I don't have a certain peace of mind.


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Any man that respects his relationship and his women would never put himself in any situation that could risk causing trust issues or insecurities in the relationship or his woman. If he's been a good guy to you I wouldn't leave him right away, try to trust in his word and watch his actions. If he seems to change after the incident and you are for sure its him and not your insecurities then be honest with your concerns and if that doesn't help then I would leave. 

And on the warped side of view if it didn't make you full of anger ( I'd blow up) then offer up a third party interest but only if that's something you are comfortable with.

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You need tell her it was wrong to kiss your boyfriend. Maybe you should give him some space for while and let him be able to find him self. So why didn't he walk away from her when she go up to kiss him?  There is period of rejection he could have walked away unless I'm wrong ?

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