I used to date my guy best friend, but now I wanna date other men. I already hurt him by breaking up, I don't wanna hurt him again by moving on. He is still waiting for me. What should I do?


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If there's no chance of you going back to him, maybe dating someone else will show him that you've moved on, and then he can move on, too. It's not fair to lead him on.

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After the break up I dated a guy lets call him A .. my best friend was waiting back then even .. and when I broke up with A , my best friend started asking me again . I told him I am never getting back with him and so he should move on.But he said he would wait for me forever. I even tried to fix him with a date , but it didn't work. I can't wait to date others but I feel so guilty. He is waiting for me and won't move on .. :/
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You should just move on and find another guy. Dating best friends never really work all that good ..

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Now I know that .. I wish i knew before :/ I'm totally stuck with him :/
Cyber Tooth Tiger
I have fallen in love with lot of female friends, so yes it can happen I really don't try to get attached to a girl unless it's in real life..If I meet girl on Skype face to face or webcam sure there can be attachment happen...I don't like the idea of falling for girl then there's no physical contact of meeting face to face in real life,,
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First you have to do what you feel is right for you and he will be alright. He just has to get over the break up and move on now. So although its nice, don't worry so much about him and move on now.  Good luck

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