So my boyfriend wants me to give a lap dance. I need tips on how to. By the way we're not having sex after and I'm not stripping. Just how do I turn him on while sitting in his lap for a few minutes?


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Well not knowing how old you are, here's my advice....if sex is out, and you're not wanting that type of attention, don't sit in his lap....Just saying.

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Although you're only looking for tips on how to perform a lap dance, I'd be wary that your boyfriend might actually be interested in sex or encouraging you to take your clothes off.

If he is likely to get the "wrong end of the stick" or if you are feeling uncomfortable, then maybe performing a lap dance isn't the best idea.

It seems to me that your boyfriend is trying to get you to have sex with him, and from what you have said, you are not ready. Therefore, I agree with Angela, don't do it.

I would never do something like this with someone I wasn't intimate with. If it turns him on (and it will) he will certainly want more.

In lap dancing clubs, guys know the rules. The girls are paid to entertain them and there are people watching to make sure that there is no touching, I believe some men are asked to sit on their hands.

However, you are his girlfriend, he may feel that he has a right to touch you when he gets turned on and that is not the case if it's not something you don't also want.

I'm a little worried that if he touches you and you complain he will say that you 'led him on'. I really do think he has a hidden agenda here.

Personally I would tell him that you are not comfortable doing this right now, as you are not ready to have sex and would feel that turning him on, and then stopping, would be unfair to him.

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