What is the nicest way to break up with your boyfriend over text? Please do not say do it in person, I would like a way over text. Thanks! By the way I'm 13


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There is no nice way. Jus dont be a b*tch about it. Take his feelings into consideration.

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But do it face to face. He will respect you more than over the phone. Unless hes abusive.
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Yes I agree. FACE TO FACE, or you really dont know what a relationship is
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You're 13???? Why would you have a boyfriend if you're 13?????  If your 13 its just as if he was your friend. Its not a real boyfriend. Wait 'till your like 16 to get a real boyfriend.

But still, here's the letter you should write:

Dear -name here-

I think we should break up,

It was fun hanging out with you,

But, I feel like this isnt working between us,

We are just like two friends,

So, lets just stay as friends?

We really dont know what a real relationship is,

so I suggest we just be friends,

Please dont get mad at me though,

Its not that I dont like you.


-name here-

I hope this helped!

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