I like this girl, what do I do?


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Yo Kass answered

In most cases, you'd need to initiate some form of communication channel with her, outlining the way you feel.

This can be verbal, written, or in any way that you feel you can convey the message clearly I guess.

Then she will decide whether she has similar feelings for you, and you'll both either enter into a romantic relationship or not, based on this decision.

I can't stress how important that initial communication is though. Many people hesitate about whether to make that first approach or not - but in reality there is no question about it.

Unless you want the situation to be out of your control and entirely dependent on whether she approaches you, you'll have to muster up the courage to tell her how you feel.

Alcohol may help. Obvoiusly only when you're legally allowed to consume it.

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Rory Dunn answered

I've tried many things to try and get women. The initial thing to do is try not to be too obvious, become friends to begin with. I understand it's hard to get close to her when she is with her friends so you don't necessarily have to try that as I know it may not work and you may come over as way too clingy. Try and get her on social networks and try and get her number some how. Don't constantly text her, give her time to reply and be patient- if she doesn't want to speak to you, she doesn't want to. If you're in lessons with her at school, try and get closer to her or get in groups with her to prove you're comfortable around her. I understand speaking to her can be awkward but try to get comfortable as I said and look her in the eyes. A good trick for looking someone in the eyes is look at there nose and their brain deceives them into thinking you're looking into their eyes thus, making it less awkward. That's pretty much it- I know everyone says be yourself and they're right. Try to be honest with her and don't try to be someone you're not. You can try like the same things as her but don't be too obvious. I tried that-not a good idea. A girl should judge you for who you're, not for who you're trying to be. Hope this helps :)

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