What are your best values and why?


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Madiha Younus Profile
Madiha Younus answered
My willingness to speak the truth in all circumstance and sincerity are my best values. These are the qualities that allow not only peace of heart & mind but also distinguish me from masses. Time being disappointments may accompany you on your path initially but the permanent happiness afterwards overshadows everything. People will love to be with you. They will feel safe in your company. Trustworthy, helping hand, true friend and successful are some of the titles that would automatically be yours.
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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Sense of humor and uncanny willingness to jump right in and help others, no matter what the cost to me without even thinking most of the time as I was raised this way. And my natural ability to lead
Lexi Profile
Lexi answered
My modesty=] ive been told that its not really a good thing though=)

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