Have A Brother But We Look Nothing Alike But Ppl Say I Do Things That Remind Them Of Him How Is That? Did I Inherit The Traits From Him?


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You cannot inherit anything from your brother. You and your brother both inherited traits from your parents. Even if he doesn't look like you, there are still similarities.

A lot of it is learned habits. Even when a baby is adopted, he will still look like his adopted parents, hold his mouth the same way they do, smile the same, and move his hands like they do.
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Don't you know, imitation is the best form of flattery?
Either you are doing things like your brother does or
he's doing things like you do. You may not notice
it, but others do,  Look at my sister, Talina.  
There's no way anyone can say we look like born sisters.
Yet, over the years, I've picked up her habits and she, mine
We have been told that we are so much alike that we
OUGHT to be sisters.   We also think alike.  I'll say
something like ''how about cereal ('Cinnamon Crunch')
for dinner?'' and  I'll turn around and Ta already has the
bowls, spoons and milk out.
We even sound so much like each other on the phone,
that it's a guessing game for whomever calls.
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No u dont have inherit traits from him u have it from ur parents
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Not from him Softball.you both got them from your parents
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The basic thing which is your brain or mind which can easily copy or get your loved ones movements, habits and also the like and not like thing etc and that normal nothing to worry of.
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U cant get traits from him but u live together so long that maybe sometimes u do things like him becuz maybe u found that they work or becuz it is easier. Just my theory.
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U can't notice that if u r always seein ur bro, u don think u look like him, but maybe u do. Other people can notice that. L like me and my bro lots of people say that we look alike. But i say that we don look alike
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No its clear in pictures we look nothing alike and when ppl askif were dating and we say no were bro and sis they say relly? You look nothing alike
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My brother and i dont look anything alike, but i do things that remind a lot of people about him. So dont freak out its the family thing.

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