What Are The Greatest Pleasures In Life?


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Stewart Pinkerton Profile
Sex 'n drugs 'n rock 'n roll. Oh yes, and a really good dump!
Zaphod  Beeblebrox Profile
I little known experimental drug called 2-ci. It's like ecstasy on steroids.
Michelle New Zealand Profile
To have one day in which I am completely alone, just me and me alone and to sit back watch nature at it's best and not have to think about anything except how to relax, to empty my brain of everything and by the evening have a nice glass of wine and something nice to eat and know that I've relaxed.

That to me this is the greatest pleasure, I see that i take at least one or two days in a year out of my busy schedule in which I do this, I literally do nothing on that day and actually don't think at all, I sometimes even catch myself that my eyes hurt because i forget to blink them, I go into a complete zombie mode on that day
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Watching someone smile because of something you did. Making people laugh.
Lina Profile
Lina answered
Family,friends,smiles,love,and success.
james caison Profile
james caison answered
Nude bungee jumping, happy hour, buy one get one free, regardless what it is.
John Profile
John answered
Cutting the grass in the field next door (during the summer)an then sitting under the trees in the shade with a 2 liter of ice cold coke(your favorite pop) while just watching the day go by.
Joan Profile
Joan answered
This is an easy answer for me - time with my family with nothing pressing to do...just time.
Hungry Guy Profile
Hungry Guy answered
Either a vanilla girlfriend who doesn't have a gag reflex, or a female sex slave who DOES have a gag reflex -- heh-heh-heh :-p
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Deemarcas Day answered
Madmac answered a good one, I agree
To have friends you can count on
To be respected for what you know and can teach others
To make people laugh
To feel free to be completely me

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