What Is The Hardest Part Of Having A Baby?


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I agree with Nomad1 and the woman go through all that pain to deliver the child and then both parents have to try and make the best of this child and each and every parent want to give their children the best they can and would deprive themselves of much needed things in life to be able to give the best to their kids.  Bad thing about it is that you can bring them up the best way you know but once they leave the house you have no control and I've seen good kids turn out to be very bad kids and a nightmare to their parents.  I always also think about the screaming babies, diarrhoea nappies (okay nowadays they have through away nappies) but still you have to clean the baby and the poor baby has no control over him/herself.  Sleepless nights and I can think about many other things.  No wonder I never had kids, haha
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Delivery of the baby is hardest because according to definition of pain, if you broke 6-7 bones simultaneously then pain you will get is 45 del but it is 57 at the time of delivery. Salute to mother.
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Realizing you have to take care of it for 18-23 years before they are considered responsible enough to take care of themselves.
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Hi Keith!  

Thanks for asking such a thoughtful question.  I had an absolutely wonderful pregnancy!  I was in labor for 56 hours from start to finish, without any pain medication, and I didn't think it was that bad (I do have a very high pain tolerance).

I'd have to say that the hardest part after having the baby were all the FIRSTS.  The first time they take the baby from you (and you shake uncontrollably until you get her back), the first time she gets a blood test and cries, the first time she gets hurt, and the first and last time, hopefully, that she lands on top of a barrel cactus because she was walking backwards ... Again.  The best news is that the older she gets the smarter Mom and Dad get!
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Its the never knowing if what you are doing is right. They come with no instruction manual & we want to anticipate their every need & take away anything that hurts them in any way. Trusting yourself is a big jump of faith in yourself because the baby becomes so much more important than you. Its an awesome responsibility that when taken seriously will give you some of the happiest yet painful times in your life.
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All the ear ache!.... Bloody women lol
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LOL, the having the baby part. Best word in the english dictionary. "epidural"!!!
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First nine months of abject misery, then a few hours of horrid pain, followed by 20 years of alternating heaven and hell.
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Late Stage Labor When The Cramps Are like A Steak Knife Going Across Your Pelvis.. Because Of Almost Constant Contractions. They Are The Baby  Working his Way Down
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Finding the most perfect girl to be in love with was the hardest part for me. Trying to share the pain of childbirth with my wife and not being able to was also painful. Childbirth I believe is the most natural and painful experience a woman can go through.
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The question was not "What is the most painful part of having a baby?" It's the entire life experience of both partners that is called into focus when the miracle of the birthing process unravels to its miraculous conclusion.. There may be much Hard ache which came prior to the great day, so the delivery is just the culmination of two becoming three.
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To me the hardest part is to make them work a little bit more than they are asked to do for homework. They do whatever teachers ask them to study, and for each 5 minutes extra work I fight half hour.
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Having been at ground zero with the woman who produced my two children I would have to say that it looked to me like the pain was quite intense......
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The contractions are the hardest part especially if you've been in labour for like 22 hours. I wish a man could go through it just to see hoe they cope with it, that would be so funny xxxx

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