How Do You Get A Child To Go To Sleep?


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You can try putting her in her bed, and telling her that her mom instructed you to do this --- maybe sit and make up a fantasy story to tell her ( a happy one!), until the child calms down and feels sleepy.  If she thinks she's frustrating you and getting your goat, she'll continue to run wild -- the solution is to calm her down enough to get her to feel sleepy -- sounds like she's running on self-induced adrenaline!  You stay calm and firm about getting her into bed -- act like you do this every night -- when she sees your frustration turn to firm confidence, she'll try to figure out how she lost the upper hand there!
Hope that helps you out!
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Thanks, she just fell asleep....I have a mini fan and she turned it on. Next thing I know she was knocked out with it running in her hand. Thank God. But I'll keep that in mind for if I have to babysit another time.
P.S. I know better with kids, you have to keep a Poker Face, haha
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Hello Lady, with other peoples children it is more difficult, because they have their own routine. My Mother and I had identical rocking chairs, and rocked my son well into his 4rth year, when he had difficulty sleeping. My mom and i would hum or sing or make up a quiet little song and repeat it. I would love to tell you  my Moms little song sometime. Anyway the trick is to start calming them down with a story or picking up toys. Turn the lights down a notch. Then you take the child to bed and tuck them in. Either read them a story or make one up about them, nothing too exciting. Use your gentle low voice. Make it CLEAR, that after they have had a drink been to the bathroom etc..and are now in bed, that this is where they must stay. Hopefully a lullaby or story will shut those sweet little eyes. Blessings to you, hope this helps, your a sweetie!
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Okay, I'm glad you got her to sleep! I've always said that I won't go out at night until my kids are asleep because I could totally see that happening. Of course, I haven't been out without my 2 littlest ones at all. So 6 years now? But yeah, kids know when something is different and they know when they have the upper hand. And the noise of the fan probably saved you--when my two were babies they always fell asleep with the sound of the fan. It blocked out all other noise and I guess it's kind of a white noise thing. But next time, don't let mom leave without getting her to sleep first!

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