How Can I Get My 2 And A Half Year Old Son To Go To Sleep On His Own?


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To get your boy to go to sleep----read him everything out of a social studies book, at the same time he's learning!!!! ;)
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A 2 year old it is hard because for 1 they have so much energy and they do not know how to handle it if you let him just run he will crash but also the reason he may want you in the room with him is you have a calming effect on him so he is calmer when you are in the room with him
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It took 3 older children to know that the 4th child would be put on a strict set schedule. She knew every night that bedtime was bedtime, and there were no two ways about it. They are very energetic at this age, so after dinner, and before bed, he should do some vigorous play, up until about an hour before going to bed. If you take a chair in the room with you when you put him to bed, and sit on that instead of on his bed, he'll get used to you doing that, then slowly over time, back the chair up further away from the bed and toward the door. Soon enough, you can sit outside the rooms door, and he should be use to going to sleep without you there. Hope this helps, good luck.
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you are awesome, lady. I won't even tell you how long it took me to get my son to sleep in his own room.
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Hi, you should get a habit to let him sleep alone, if no until he grown up he 'll still in this way ,wanting to sleep with you . So from now on you should find a way to let him to sleep alone himself, you should let him get used to it, anyway at the first time is difficult as he is not used to it, but from time to time you 'd tell him and let him understand that he should sleep alone, I think by the time he'll used to it if you insist him not to sleep with you he 'll understand later and could sleep alone himself.
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Put him to bed as you do so explain this is bedtime big sleep time put him in then massage his head back a bit all the time reassuring him then leave the room,every time he gets up put him back down and leave the room be prepared to do this until he falls asleep don't give in he will soon get the message bedtime means nighttime persevere i had this problem with one of my children
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Go to make him in an another land by telling him your self made imaginative stories and slowly slowly frame your story and make a story that forces him to imagine what is going to happen in the story and then when you think your child has forgotten the real world and has closed his eyes, slowly stop speaking and leave the room slowly. You will see that your child will be unknowingly going  into sleep
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I'm a nursery teacher,,and when ever my students play too much & they get tired mostly the sleep,,,first don't let him,,to take a nap,,& let him be active after playing too much & also,,,if u read him some stories,,,he will go to sleep,,but don't read him some sort of strange stories because most of the children get the idea and they keep that story in mind then they will dream about that story so may be he will wake up in the middle of the night,,,& after he might not sleep,,
weellll,,,, hope that you should take care of your baby
  bye,,,& good luck
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I gotta give all these responses a Wow! What a bunch of wonderful parents there are out there. I went to school nights and my Mom had a habit of letting my son sleep with her, so it was a tough habit to break. The best time I ever had of it was Rocking, My Mother and I had identical rocking chairs, and we used them diligently to soothe and comfort my son. In fact when he fell and hurt himself and we were busy in the kitchen he would get into the rocker and rock himself and say it's O.K. R-- J--, his (nickname). Rocking, when he was tired always worked, sometimes with a little humming or lullaby. As he grew older, I would do the story thing before bed, and that put him to sleep because I would drag those stories out.
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Allowing them to watch a movie or a cartoon that's not to rowdy will help to calm them down before bed as well.
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I used to rock my daughter to sleep all the time and then my husband told me to stop and this is what we did trained her by putting her in the bed and closing the door.....
1)she cried for and hour the first night
2)she sat up and played and I kept GOING TO CHECK ON HER TELLING HER TO GO TO BED.
3)Most important put them in the bed the same time every night and there bodies start to adjust to the time
4)I told her if she didn't stop i would spank her
5)She was sound asleep
And every night for a week it got better and now she is 3 we put her in bed kiss her and leave she still plays every now and again but i assure her that a spanking is not far behind.Oh and remember they are not really afraid of the dark so no  night lights it's a trick so they have light to play.And if you don't want to try this then put your child in bed and rub there back.

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