Would You Be Upset If A Close Family Member The Age Of 39 Only Dates People The Ages Of 18 To 29?


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No, my mom married a guy 20 years older. Turned out to be the best guy she ever had.
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Before I got with my b/f I preferred only men that were old enough to be my father.Andrew came into my life and threw all that out the window.He totally changed my way of thinking.I will be 39 and he's 25.
I used to think it was gross, women who went for men that were younger than her, but now the shoe is on the other foot so I can't judge.
I don't know if this family member is male or female, either way it's not really for you to say who they date.
If the person they were dating were under 18, then you would have every right to be upset.
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No.  As long as they are both consenting legal age adults then why not? Besides men die younger than women so it kinda evens out that she will have her mate around longer than most women.  Look at Demi Moore!  Besides, men have been doing it for years and no one bats an eye at that.
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No, I tend not to allow myself to be upset by people who do things that I either do not agree with, or would not do myself. I do not expect people to live according to my rules and standards. I wonder about them sometimes, but why be upset over something that affects me not at all.
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No need to be upset or worried unless they date 17 or younger
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Well my aunt does and shes about 39 and I'm 24 and her two daughters are 22 and 20. She will date men younger than we are or someone whom i had a crush on in jr. High school and they always make a fool out of her. They are no good and she makes our family look so bad
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I think it is disgusting to see a man with a female young enough to be his daughter or grand daughter. Also, for these young females to take away men from older women who need mates also is appalling to me. I hope they all rot in hell.  Just because a woman can't remain in her 20's or 30's don't mean she should suffer a life of lonliness.  The women dating younger men will be cheated on constantly.  Remember men are visual..and a younger women will ALWAYS be more appealling to these shallow, superfical clowns.  ALWAYS!!!

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