If you could go back to any point of your life, what age would you go back to being?


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Oscar Villanueva
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Hi Sincerity. Yeah it's me, how you've been ?
Cindy  Lou
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I am fine :) I have my times just like anyone else. If you will follow me under my name where it says "follow", any comments we make will be not seen by everyone here. If you don't want to, i will completely understand . I am glad to see you here and hope you are well my friend.
Cindy  Lou
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Part two--what I meant was if you follow me,, we can message each other which is more private than comments, where it says "message" under our profile page, but again, I will understand if you don't want to do that. Please don't worry if you would rather not . I understand . I am not on here all the time, but luckily I saw you this time.
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Levi F. answered

In the future I will probably want to go back to this age. So far, age 20 has been the best of my life.

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otis campbell answered

Twenty i would stay in college not get married

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Darik Majoren answered

I have enjoyed life as it has been experienced . . .

Going back can only change what I hold most dear now.

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