If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?


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I'd be fine with my current age. I'll be the oldest 22 year old around!

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Didge Doo answered


By that time you have your life well-established, your kids are getting old enough to start looking after themselves (depending, of course, on whether you started having them young), you're still young enough to try new things, and still have the energy to see them through. 45 to 55 was definitely the best period of my life.

I'm gonna disagree with Skip Skip, though, I didn't start to become physically discombobulated until I was about 76. So much of what you can accomplish depends on your attitude.

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Cindy Lou answered

Around 42 I really came out of my shell and grew and learned in so many areas of life. I taught myself how to do so many things and nothing could stop me and I felt great.

Of course they do say that about women that they reach their peak in their 40's.

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Ray Dart answered

23, Living near "Swinging London".

A devoted and gorgeous girlfriend.

Flash car, Money to spend. Successful career, rather decent sportsman.

Offered "Name your own salary" job in New Hampshire. (I turned it down).

Everything was perfect.

But of course it wasn't. Three years later I was married and broke. Car gone, Mortgage round my neck.

At 23 everything was wonderful, at 26 I discovered normality.

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