What Is The Most Romantic Deed Or Line You Have Ever Heard?


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No honey, you stay in bed and sleep. I'll get up with the kids....
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When I first met my husband (we hadn't actually met yet, but passed each other in the courtyard of our apartments several times and smiled), he stopped me one day as I was walking to the parking lot on my way out to a bridal shower. He said to me...."Excuse me, can I say something"? I said yes of course. He said..."Your eyes remind me of the ocean and you look like an angel".  Awwwwwww~~~~ ! Not bad for a stranger. LoL!  Then, when he proposed to me...11 years ago, but I remember like it was yesterday, part of what he said was, "I want you to know how much I value your love and appreciate all you do. I attach importance to your desires and take pleasure in your very existance. I never knew a woman like you".  I don't know how long it took him to come up with that but....not unlike the quote in the Jerry Maguire movie....he had me at hello. Definitely my soulmate. God I love that man.
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"You weren't my first love, but you are my last." Said by my hubby many, many years ago.
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Good quote, but someone said that way before your hubby, no offence
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I know that, but he said it to me, and I know he means it, we have gone through enough together. Nearly 28 years together now.
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My late hubby was into buying me jewelry and lingerie.  He would come up with creative ways to give it to me.  One year he bought me a ruby bracelet for Christmas, and hung it on the Christmas tree.  I opened the box that was under the tree, and he had written a poem about finding something sparkly on the tree.
Another time he bought a victorian slide bracelet I'd been wanting, and put it in my jewelry drawer, and did not say a word.  I didn't find it for several days!  My eyes nearly bugged out of my head.  He bought me a nice watch, but put it on his own arm and just sat there talking to me!  Took forever for me to see it.   And we were at the mall, he bought it while I was sitting with our daughter, without my knowledge.
I sure do miss that wonderful, sweet man.  :(
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My honey has said quite a few romantic things to me...My two favorites are---
(this one when we just got together)---"come over here in my world, I think you will like it"...and the other one; "I wouldn't trade you for a gold Monkey"!
He's a pretty romantic Nut!
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My partner of 27 years, now deceased, said, at our second meeting....."I think I'm falling in love with you" one has/had ever said that to me....and I cherish that moment!!!
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'I wish I could take your pain from you' - My husband often says that to me, as i suffer from a rare chest disorder, the fact that he would want to give up his own comfort and well-being is a romantic line/deed.
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These are all so lovely to read.  In my life I have had but one love, and when my late husband was suffering from a cancer and preparing his way, he was at home with me and I was taking care of him most of everyday.  At this time it was quite unbeknownst to me then, he had written so many loving messages to me on slips of paper.  He was in bed for the last three weeks before he died and quite unable to get about, so when the grandchildren were visiting him one day, I understand he gave them the papers with messages and made a game for the gandchildren of hiding them about the house in the books in the library, in the drawers of our bureau and many other places, asking that they keep it a secret between them.  And so, dear, let me say I found the first message from him on the day before he died.But now since that time I have found seventy three more of these messages and each time I find another he is with me again.  
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You are so dear, so dear, to say so
Senzy M
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I promise you that's the most romantic, passionate and most real thing I've ever heard. Talk about true love... It's deeply touching.
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That was the best, most beautiful answer possible.
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If I told you that you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?This is  a line I heard in a country song . It is a cliche .Here now maybe you might think there are enough details ,myself and I think any one else on blurt it, would have thought the same .P
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" Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a dam." That was the one line said in 1939 (?) that demonstrated to men that it was OK to say what you think to a women. This one was a negative, but it opened the door. If it was OK for Mr.Macho Leading Man Clark Gable, then I guess it would be OK for me to say something from the heart, too. Or so the thinking went at the time.
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You make me want to be a better man. Movie- as good as it gets.
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It may be a line from a movie but it is a very powerful line! Isn't that what we want in a partner? Someone who will bring out the best in us and who will be inspired to be their best for us. What yo-yo gave you a low rating. I tried to bring it up.
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I really don't know, kkkkatie. Since I haven't tied the knot yet, I am entitled to gawk at all the pretty women. Gorgous ones too.
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There once was a song with a lyric that went, "Pretty girl could you walk a little slower when you walk by me". I have had men say that to me and I am flattered by it and I do like to be admired so I bet the women you admire feel the same way.

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