Is There Anything Specific To Try And Do, Or Try To Avoid When Living With Roomates In Your Own Past Experience?


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I haven't had a great deal of luck with roommates, but I can offer you some tips. Sit down before you move in together and make a list of rules for the house. You can divide up chores, decide if everyone buys their own food, and other essentials, or you all chip in for what you need for the house. Make sure everyone's name is on the lease, and on the utilities. It's easy to get burned, in case someone decides to leave before the lease is up. Also, don't offer advice unless someone asks for it. That alone can help you avoid fights. Another thing to decide on, is whether boyfriends and girlfriends are allowed to stay over, and how long can they stay, before they have to start paying for food, rent, etc. My best tip, is always have toilet paper hidden in your room. It may sound funny now, but when you're on the toilet, and someone else forgot to get toilet paper, you'll be glad to have the extra in your closet!!! Most of all, I hope you get along, and have a good time together. If you do, you'll have friends for life!!
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Thanks, that was genuinely helpful, I really appreciate that, especially the toilet paper part, I'd never of thought about that, and I can see how it would be a pain in the...well you know. Appreciate it.
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Everything that mymollie said. We had separate shelves in the fridge and in the cupboards. And make sure that people do their dishes when they cook/eat. That was a huge problem with us. With my current roommate, I do all the cooking (she is a horrible cook) and do all the dishes since she can't seem to find the dishwasher. But I am home more than she is and it has worked out--and we've been friends for almost 20 years. But with other roommates dirty dishes have always been a huge problem. Oh and taking out the trash. So yeah, like mymollie said figure out the household chores otherwise someone is going to end up doing most of them--or feeling like they are!
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I would just be friendly always and let everyone have their space.  If you all become friends the better, that friendship will hopefully last forever.  Yet if it don't happen then don't worry about it.  Just mind your business, respect yourself, clean up after yourself, and make sure you treat everyone equal and all do your share and pay what you should be paying.  Also, don't eat anyone elses food. Maybe put your name on your food or something.  Good luck, I am sure you will be OK as long as you respect others, clean up, and give everyone their space and have good communication is the key among one another.  Never gossip nor talk about anyone behind their backs that will only lead ot problems and rumors, etc. 

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