What Are Some Of Your Biggest Pet Peeves?


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Penny Kay answered
Here are a few of the ones that still push my buttons. People that need a 'written invitation' to merge onto a highway. People who do not know how to use turn signals, people who follow too close behind me in traffic. Some personal ones are people that put 'foreign objects in ashtrays', [The name tells you what goes in there]. I hate setting fire to a piece of candy or paper, or worse yet, getting gum or candy on my cigarette. One that makes me want to crawl up a wall, are people who must put their fingers on T.V. Or computer screens to point something out, Aargghh that one makes me  so crazy. Use a pointer or just hover and tell us what you are pointing out, who needs the oily fingertips blotching up the screen? People who are just mean, get on my nerves! Snotty or rude people in the service business'es. Parents who scream at their children repeatedly and never doooo anything about the behavior except to scream and threaten, when the children totally ignore them. Rudeness! These are my top of the list nerve getters, I am sure i have more.
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Cara B
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Oh man! Your a right on! I hate people that cannot drive, or don't let me merge.... the other lane(s) are wide open! I have terrible road rage too!
Dena Beech
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I couldn't agree more:) The worst are the older people who think they own the road, cut you off and then do 20mph when the speed limit is 45.
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People who eat on the phone when you are talking to them
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Cara B
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Mee too! I talk on the phone for a living and hear that everyday!
Erzsibet Yurekli
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I also work on the phone. It is some of the employees that I work with that are doing the same thing. There is one person in particular east for 8 hours straight. States that she put the person on mute. Not sure if I believe that but it is frustrating. Not to many people have manners any more.

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