My pet peeves are many, what are your pet peeves?


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PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

People who don't know how to use a turn lane.

People going slow in the fast lane.

People who drive with their dogs in their laps.

People who pronunce ask as "aks"

People who say they could care less when they mean they couldn't care less.

Soul Fly Profile
Soul Fly answered

People who talk on the phone while driving or throw litter out their window. Girls that talk "Valley". Guys that put on basketball shorts just so they can wear pants above them and sag them to their knees. People who tear paper constantly and lastly anyone who just stops in the middle of their

Ancient Hippy Profile
Ancient Hippy answered

Left lane lurkers.
Plastic water bottles.
Chewing food with an open mouth.

Cindy  Lou Profile
Cindy Lou answered

People who lick their fingers while eating,  and people who try and slurp up two feet of spaghetti while they're eating.

People who clean by cramming everything pile high into closets and drawers to where it makes no sense.  That's not cleaning, that's hiding stuff.

And the biggie-people who use my car and leave the radio station on that jerk Rush Limbaugh. That really gets me. I go on a wild woman rant with that one. 

That's about it :)

dragonfly forty-six Profile

That weird sucking noise people make when they are trying to get something out of their teeth.

Talking with a mouth full of food with their mouth wide open.

People who don't know how to merge into traffic.

Putting an empty milk container back in the fridge.

Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered

Reg Peeves, my pet Stoat, is one of my best pets.

Laeticia Peeves, a pet Llama, is another nice pet.

St. John Nosepoultice-Lewis Volestrangler Smith-Peeves, a pet Dormouse..... I quite like him too.

Can't Wait Profile
Can't Wait answered

People who leave dishes for me to wash.

People who cut in front of me in line for food or at the grocery store.

People who leave garbage on the floor.

Phoebe Mertens Profile
Phoebe Mertens answered

Those girls that are obsessed with snapchat and are disrespectful to authority. Also, extreme "emos" and "weeaboos".

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