What Would You Consider As Your Biggest Achievement And Why?


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My baby girl! She will always be my BIGGEST/GREATEST accomplishment. It took me 9 years and many painful moments before I was able to hold the most precious gift I will ever receive! Now 6 years later- all those moments- seem like a distant memory. I'd like to THANK my body for finally cooperating!!
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My biggest achivement is my distinction in the medical entrance examination. I had been studying for a while and one I appeared for the test I got 2nd position out of 10,000 students. That made me and my family so much proud.
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To achieve the greatest goal of your career or life can be regarded as biggest achievement as you put whole work of your life in it.
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I would consider my biggest achievement is during my college years studying at the same time working as a part time job. It is hard on my part managing my time reviewing lessons esp. During exam weeks wherein fact I am very tired and have to get rest instead. I have to choose that kind of field because I wanted to help my parents in our financial needs as well. I am thankful to God for having that situation in my life, because of that certainty, it mold my personality and taught me how to live life having the virtue of patience and perseverance in everything I do now.
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The Biggest or I called it The Most Greatest Achievement in my Life is
when I encounter The LOVE of GOD, and it is really amazing!, because
after that I really feel inside of my heart the happiness I've never
been experience before! I feel a New Life that comes in me it is really
Good! God really change my Life for a good and wonderful life! My God
our Lord Jesus Christ with everyone who believes in you, we really gives
Thanks to You for what you've done in us! God Bless all of us.

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I think my Master's degree in Computer Sciences with throughout 1st position was my biggest achievement because I never thought that I could be that much successful.

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I  will  treat that will be the biggest achievement when I can execute the Creator's plan and planning for has given me life as a human being.

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