What's your biggest secret?


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I once ate an entire DiGiorono pizza, a whole bag of Doritos, and an entire 2 Liter of Mountain Dew in one sitting while playing Battlefield 3. That's as deep as I'll go. Good luck.

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Jazlyn Bell answered

I like the song Baby by, Justin! There, I said it! D:

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Ray Dart answered

I once invaded Ecuador.

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That I have several self-diagnosed mental disorders. Not even my parents know.

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Ray Dart
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Red  Soturi
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Yea. You can just look at symptoms of said diseases and say, "hmm, I have almost every single one of these. I probably have this."
Rath Keale
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I have a couple of dozen myself.
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I freaking love this site.

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Jordan Marshall answered

This isn't a secret, but I had to share a bed with my older cousin when he came over, he's a bed hog and I got mad and pushed him sometime in the night. The bed is pretty high up, he landed on the wooden floor, right on top of his pinky finger and broke it. :p I felt bad, he thought he just fell, so I never told him until a couple years ago. (Note, he did break his finger when he landed on it, but he's not a fat guy. He's VERY thin, and healthy. C: He has muscles cuz he works out and schtuff lol)

He laughed when I told him the truth.

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