My Husband Don't Listen To Me Or Anyone Else He Does Whatever He Feels Like It, Dose He Care About Me?


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It doesn't mean he doesn't care about you, he just has no consideration for your feelings or anyone else's. He sounds very self centered . When you are in a relationship, you can't just do whatever you want when you want and not have to answer to anyone. You should talk to him about anything that bothers you.
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This isn't enough information us to determine whether he cares about you or not. It sounds to me like he has an issue with listening to people in general. He may care about you, but puts himself, his feelings, and his ideas ahead of everyone else. Talk to him, tell him he has a real issue. Also tell him his issue is making you feel that you don't matter to him and that he doesn't care for you or respect you.
EMILY SEN answered
Oh dear your hubby not listening to others does not mean that he does not care about you because they are third party people but you ??? You are special dear for him you are his life .I know it's a little rude from his end not to bother about others words but as long as he is there for you never feel that he does not care about you .But still then dear since this doubt has risen in your mind I should suggest that just have a normal conversation with him not regards others but about your love life he will feel good and will even share his thoughts with you and I am sure after that you will cleared if he really cares about you or not....
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Probably not. You married him. Do you care about you?
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My husband don't listen to at all. He does what ever he wants to do. Sometimes I don't think my husband don't care or love me. What should I do.
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Sometimes he get mad when I tell him do something for me he get things out and he don't put them up he leave cloths on the floor to.
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Maybe you should have a word with him to have a better understanding of  him and his recent life.

From your words, He seems a kind of Afrocentrism and selfishness but it doesn't mean he cares nothing about you.However,sometimes, the guy who is always against you  is more likely to take good care of you and protect you.
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My husband don't listen to me either. I some times I think they just like little kids. They need time out. But if we stop listening to them. Then they will understand how we feel.

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