When My Boyfriend And I Start Foreplay And He Is Playing With Me I Go Numb. Is This Normal?


2 Answers

charmaine saunders Profile
This seems to be about fear. If it were your boyfriend's touch or technique turning you off, you wouldn't go numb; you would
feel revulsion or even anger. I don't think it's about your lack of interest or low libido either. Going numb is much more about not wanting to feel anything. What do you think you might be afraid of? Getting pregnant? Not pleasing your boyfriend?
I wish I knew your age and your sexual history because you don't sound very experienced.
There is one other suggestion I'm going to make that you might not want to hear but it could be valid. Have you ever been abused in the past? If you have, even mildly, that would definitely explain your numbing over when you're being touched. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable and joyful and you'll keep missing out until you get to the bottom of this matter. I suggest you see a female counsellor or sex therapist and find out the underlying cause of your feelings.

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