How Can One Prove He Is Single?


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Proving something to people can be both easy and hard. If they really don't believe that you are single then its going to be hard proving it to them that you are.

First of all you need to keep telling them that you are single. Whether they believe you or not, if you keep on saying it, its not like it will go unnoticed.

Then you have to appear very de-attached and not emotionally or physically connected to anyone. If you see a person of the opposite sex passing by, you could tell your friends that you really dig him/her. You could talk like single people who eye every other person as a potential boy friend/girl friend.

Now if you are talking about a member of the opposite sex that you want to ask out and want to prove to him/her that you are single then you'll have to change your strategy a bit. Of course you will have to tell them yourself or let them figure out that you are single.You could try hanging out more with your friends or in front of him/her so he/she sees that you aren't with anyone and totally available.
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Your being unattached will show in your lifestyle, social circle and interactions. You don't really have to prove that you are a spinster or a bachelor. However, if you want to make it a point to emphasize on the fact, then there are a number of ways you could adopt to do just that.

Show 'single' attitude: You should adopt a 'foot loose and fancy free' attitude when interacting with your social circle, especially when members of the opposite sex are around. However, please be careful when overtures are made owing to this behaviour.

Talk 'single': When you interact within the group you would like to impress with your 'single' status, you should pick up every opportunity to state the fact.

Exhibit 'single': You could ensure that you attend social dos without being chaperoned or answerable. Signs like these are picked up rather fast by members of the opposite sex.

However, please be careful. Your need to prove that you are single is not very clear in your query. Somehow, if within your sphere of contact, people get the general impression that you are 'attached', then first try to understand what makes them think so. You could then consider acting upon that area of influence. You could even take a close friend into confidence and seek his or her support.

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